Jill of All Trades: Stephanie Barber

Image from: baltimoresun.com        A Jill of all trades, but a master of all, Stephanie Barber manages to weave her way through the arts of filmmaking, poetry, and music, intersecting and disjoining the three in her contemplative pieces. Similar to her artistic interests, her pieces are not monolithic in style visually or thematically, … Continue reading

Bernadette Wegenstein: Finding Answers in Film

Bernadette Wegenstein is a Research Professor in the department of German and Romance Languauges and Lietratures at the Johns Hopkins University. Here at Hopkins, Wegenstein is also the director of the Center or Advanced Media Studies. Her academic resume is incredible, and Dr. Wegenstein achieved a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Vienna University … Continue reading

Life Lessons with Ann Everton

By:  James Chiusano “It just doesn’t matter,” proclaimed Bill Murray in a motivational speech as a camp counselor in the 1979 movie Meatballs.  This was all the motivation that Ann Everton needed for her current project, “Bill Murray Life Lessons.”  Since this scene, there has been no turning back. Everton, a Baltimore native, took a … Continue reading

Robby Rackleff – The Man In Blue

Robby Rackleff as Blue Leader5 Robby Rackleff, also known, as Blue Leader is a Baltimore based performer and video artist. The character of Blue Leader is from Robby’s website, Do The Math Comics. “We are united by our belief in non-real worlds and an obsession with digital destiny” 1. This excerpt from one of Blue … Continue reading

Jenny Graf Sheppard: Reinventing the Woman

        Local filmmaker, musician, visual artist and humanitarian, Jenny Graf Sheppard, has lived in Baltimore for about eight years. She began her artist career as a painter, but soon realized it to be a restricting medium for her goals in exploring ethno-graphic and social issues. She then turned to film as a … Continue reading