Pierre and Jamyla Bennu

            Piere Bennu and Jamyla Bennu are a multi-talented pair of artists who moved from New York to Baltimore in what they described as a “nomadic sort of art story.”  They have lived in Baltimore for over five years, but still talk as if they feel new to the city.  … Continue reading

Stan VanDerBeek: Complexity in Forms

Stan VanDerBeek, (Jan. 6, 1927 – Sept. 19, 1984) lived a successful and inspiring career as an artist in many ways. He graduated from Cooper Union College and then Black Mountain College as an architect, but being deeply influenced by Max Ernst, the Dada and surrealist movements, and the beat generation, he began as an … Continue reading

A Skype Interview with Martha Colburn

Martha Colburn started her artistic career in Baltimore while she was a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She finally stayed in the city for then 10 years which she depicts – 13 years after being left – as a place of “paranoid and fear with very talented people.”1 Actually, her decision to … Continue reading