The Horror of Chris LaMartina

As a kid who grew up on 80’s horror films, it is no wonder that Chris LaMartina has become a horror film writer and director himself in the local Baltimore scene. He began making movies at the age of twelve, and grew extremely passionate about the horror genre at the age of fourteen. It was … Continue reading

Phil Davis: Teacher and Animation Extraordinaire (Plus More…)

It was immediately visible from when Phil first walked in the room that he teaches, and that he does so well. Displayed on the table before us was a few winding feet of clear 16MM film. We were to draw on the film with marker and India ink to create our own animation during the … Continue reading


Bernadette Wegenstein: Finding Answers in Film

Bernadette Wegenstein is a Research Professor in the department of German and Romance Languauges and Lietratures at the Johns Hopkins University. Here at Hopkins, Wegenstein is also the director of the Center or Advanced Media Studies. Her academic resume is incredible, and Dr. Wegenstein achieved a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Vienna University … Continue reading

Jenny Graf Sheppard: an Experimental Artist

Jenny Graf Sheppard is a talented artist who has enjoyed success in several art forms. When visiting Johns Hopkins, she provided insight into her various works of art, as well as some of her motivations. Sheppard performs experimental music, and even designed and created a piece in 2008 in which food, sound, senses, and social … Continue reading

Life Lessons with Ann Everton

By:  James Chiusano “It just doesn’t matter,” proclaimed Bill Murray in a motivational speech as a camp counselor in the 1979 movie Meatballs.  This was all the motivation that Ann Everton needed for her current project, “Bill Murray Life Lessons.”  Since this scene, there has been no turning back. Everton, a Baltimore native, took a … Continue reading

Pierre and Jamyla Bennu

            Piere Bennu and Jamyla Bennu are a multi-talented pair of artists who moved from New York to Baltimore in what they described as a “nomadic sort of art story.”  They have lived in Baltimore for over five years, but still talk as if they feel new to the city.  … Continue reading

Ann Everton: Sharp Wit and Conceptual Film

  Ann Everton is a Baltimore-based artist and filmmaker, whose art reveals a wide range of talents and interests, along with a smart sense of humor. Raised in Baltimore, Everton left home to attend first Vassar, then Barnard College, with a degree in visual art, primarily painting. She also studied abroad in Japan, during which … Continue reading

Nicky Smith: An Inspiring Baltimore Youth

At only 11 years old Nicky Smith began making independent films. He attended The Friends School of Baltimore for high school and is currently working on several new projects. Many of his projects have been fully influenced by what he has learned going to Steve Yeager’s Young Filmmaker’s Workshop, and various film classes at Friends. … Continue reading

Jimmy Joe Roche

            Jimmy Roche graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2004 with a BFA from the former film school.  During his years in school, he was one of the only ones with a computer and everyone was shooting on 16 mm film.    The years before school he learned how to shoot and edit in a production house … Continue reading