CAmm Slamm

What do you get when you give eleven filmmakers a prop and forty-eight hours to write, shoot and edit a five minute film?  Well, you get the Creative Aliance’s annual CAmm Slamm competition.  CAmm Slamm, which is hosted by Baltimore’s own Creative Alliance at the Patterson, is a one of a kind filmmaking competition that offers a variety prizes for the winners and a great experience for everyone involved.

All participating film crews meet at the Creative Alliance, located at The Patterson Theater, on the Friday of the competition.  Once there, the mystery prop, which each team must include in its short film, is revealed.  The teams then have until Sunday night at 7:00pm to return to The Patterson Theater with their completed project.  These films are screened at the theater Sunday night and a panel of judges ranks the films, determining who the winners will be.  A cash prize is awarded to the first place team, and those teams placing in second and third place are honored and rewarded as well.

Last year, eleven teams competed in the event and the mystery prop was a live goldfish.  A promotional video for the event featuring some of the competitors can be viewed below.

Poster from the 2011 CAmm Slamm

Bryan “Grasshopper” Robinson, who has won the competition multiple times, was the host of the 2011 CAmm Slamm held last October.  As reported in an article from, Robinson describes the competition as “a battle of filmmakers’ wit and agility with a camera.”  Though Robinson has participated in this “battle” ten times now, the competition has not become any less of a challenge to complete.  “The funny thing about it,” he said in an interview that is featured on the CAmm Slamm tumblr, “[is that] we all go into it thinking ‘Oh man, this is going to be easy—a little, short film.  This is nothing.’ But then, come Sunday, when your computer starts messing up and actors are nowhere to be found and you can’t quite calibrate that extra effect on a certain scene.  It gets to you.”

This past year, though, Robinson could relax as, for the first time in the event’s ten year history, he was not competing.  The filmmakers who did participate, however, were working around the clock to get their submissions in on time.  Here are two examples of what was submitted at last year’s event:

To be eligible to register for CAmm Slamm, a group must have at least one crew member who is a Creative Alliance MovieMaker (CAmm) member.  CAmm membership is fairly cheap and easy to attain however, and membership applications can be found on the Creative Alliance website (  The screening of CAmm Slamm entries is also open to the general public, and last year the audience helped pick the winners of the competition.  Information about next year’s CAmm Slamm competition will be posted on when it becomes available, and I encourage everyone to go check it out.


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— Oliver


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