Kim Moir

Kim Moir, a talented writer, producer, and director is nothing short of inspiring when it comes to making groundbreaking work. He has created the movie Sinsitivity, and is currently working on his second film Once you go Black through a kickstarter. Both of his films deal with juxtaposing themes and ideas that make for interesting and conflicted films.

However, his perseverance can be seen in his first movie Sinsitivity, and how he completed it through the pitfalls and struggles that come with professional filmmaking. The story of the film being made can accurately project the personality of Moir, and how he grew through the process. He graduated from Hampden University in Hampden, Virginia and earned a degree in mass media arts.

Writer, producer and director of "Sinsitivity"

At first, he worked for 25 years at Maryland Public Television and filmed an array of Baltimore art, culture, public affairs, and nature shows among with other miscellaneous topics. With his experience he wrote two screenplays and won several awards in the Baltimore area’s black history month competitions – this powered him to begin his own big project. Surprisingly, the spark for making the film Sinsitivity arose from the work of Prince and Marvin Gay. He was inspired by the classic conflict of sin vs. church and how these artists dealt with expressing their emotions of sexuality and religion.

After a stroke of luck, mostly due to his position in Maryland Public Television, he acquired a 790VW videotape camera – one of the first 720 interlaced cameras. This groundbreaking device heightened the color rendition, sharpness, and resolution of the movie being filmed and was a revolutionary resource to his work. Although the camera was used for some time over three weeks, he shot 30-35 pages of his script with it, and changed the way the movie was perceived when it was finished in 1999 and released in theaters in 2003.

After working for two years on a prospected 6-month film project, he managed to gather up resources, work on a tight budget, and network creating business-based relationships that made his work go to the next level. At first, he had to delay his work due to the birth of his son, and later he was forced to shut down production. He did not

Moir's future film conceptback down and regained his capital through fundraising – he managed to complete a full fledged film in a time when there was no such thing as Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and most Americans did not even have an e-mail address. Here is a link showing the deep details about Kim Moir’s work during the filming of Sinsitivity: .

Today, Kim Moir is working on his new film Once you go Black. “The chance witnessing of a potential hate crime by a young African American woman writer is the intriguing jump-off point for Once You Go Black”. He has raised over $15,000 on the kickstarter for his new movie, and his interesting concept for the film mixed with his talent in filming is bound to bring a fresh new film into the surface. Here is a link to his Kickstarter: where you can check out his idea.

Information obtained March 14th during a guest lecture by Kim Moir in Baltimore Filmmakers class at JHU.


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