Karen Yasinsky

Karen Yasinsky is a visual artist who currently lives and works in Baltimore. She is a professor both at the Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins University. Her work has been shown worldwide: her short animation movies have been screened in various venues and international film festivals, while her video installations and drawings … Continue reading

Kim Moir

Kim Moir, a talented writer, producer, and director is nothing short of inspiring when it comes to making groundbreaking work. He has created the movie Sinsitivity, and is currently working on his second film Once you go Black through a kickstarter. Both of his films deal with juxtaposing themes and ideas that make for interesting … Continue reading

Snacks: A Suspension of Belief

Snacks, a duo composed of Tim Boram and Dan Breen, is an experimental music and filmmaking group based out of Baltimore. The group, whose curious name comes from its use of extended-food metaphors and experience-deepening scents released during live performances, started out in the music world producing zany, glitched out tracks featuring the sounds of … Continue reading


An audience’s first reaction to Miwa Matreyek’s work could only be wonder. Matreyek, an animator and performer based in Los Angeles, is known for her fantastic, complex, and almost indescribable pieces. Recently, she came to Baltimore to perform as part of QuestFest, a local performing arts series. During the week leading up to her performances, … Continue reading

Robby Rackleff – The Man In Blue

Robby Rackleff as Blue Leader5 Robby Rackleff, also known, as Blue Leader is a Baltimore based performer and video artist. The character of Blue Leader is from Robby’s website, Do The Math Comics. “We are united by our belief in non-real worlds and an obsession with digital destiny” 1. This excerpt from one of Blue … Continue reading

Bernadette Wegenstein – The Intersection of Filmmaking and Academia

Bernadette Wegenstein, “a Research Professor in the department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures at the Johns Hopkins University, where she also directs the Center of Advanced Media Studies,”[1] is not only a prolific academic, but also a recent filmmaker. She considers herself a media theorist who became an artist, although she barely concedes … Continue reading

Showbeast: Artists at Play

“Showbeast” describes the artistic team made up of Ben O’Brien and Erin Gleason, and titles their eclectic video projects. After the duo graduated from college, they moved across the country to a warehouse in Oakland and began to create art in earnest. Gleason’s film background came in handy, along with O’Brien’s resolve to shed his … Continue reading

Showbeast: A Symphony of Music and Film


Ben O’Brien, co-creator of Showbeast, and two of his

Lotfy Nathan: Filmmaker as Action Hero?

While filmmaker Lotfy Nathan  has never come close to calling himself an “action hero”, at times his stories do force the image to come to mind. Over the course of several years,  Lotfy earned the trust of many members of the 12 O’Clock Boyz and was granted permission to film them on all kinds of … Continue reading

DJ Mark Brown: from Montage to Music.

Local video artist, DJ and curator, Mark Brown studied at MICA and has lived in Baltimore since then. He’s an artist of the computer generation and grew up fiddling with paint, photoshop and co. “I was obsessed with filters” Mark told us to describe his beginnings in art creation while he was a teenager.[1] His … Continue reading